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It's really meaningful to work with businesses like the ones I've featured here who contribute so much to our world in such positive and powerful ways. THANK YOU for all you do. And thank you for trusting me to tell part of your story through photography & video.

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I love supporting business and corporate professionals whether you need a new headshot, a longer personal branding session with clothing changes, your team portraits need updating, you're launching a new business or have done a remodel, you need your event covered or a business video.

Beautiful, authentic imagery and video that reflect the heart of your company is my specialty. Be INSPIRED as you view each gallery of images below. Look for ideas and begin to see your vision. Feel free to reach out anytime with questions or to book your own customized session. 

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Prairie Care - Providing Hope & Healing

PrairieCare provides individuals of all ages the psychiatric care they truly need. We are one of the nation’s largest providers of premier psychiatric services offering a continuum of mental health services to the Twin Cities metro area, Rochester, and Mankato. We offer a variety of high quality specialty services and programs at our ten convenient locations. (See my personal note about the creation of this video below the Portfolio. -Sandra)


NOTE FROM SANDRA:  Creating the video for Prairie Care above using a song I had written that was based an my own childhood experiences of trauma was an incredible experience. Being a long time musician, "Hear The Children" was the first song I actually wrote. While recording vocals at the studio one day for another project, the lyrics and melody came EXPLODING out of me "over lunch" at the restaurant next door, and I put pen to paper as fast as I could write. My friend - composer, pianist and studio owner Marcus Kearns - tweaked one line of the lyric and that day we began the creation of "Hear The Children".  Because of my own life experiences, I have great love and compassion for children.

It was such an honor that Prairie Care wanted to use the song for this project. Thank you Lora DeVore-Matz from Prairie Care for your invaluable contribution to the video. In sharing this project on my website, I'm hopeful that it will raise more awareness about the importance of our mental health, what mental health actually means, will help to shift the lens we see mental health through and possibly help someone out there. Besides Prairie Care, there are many "Resources" on Lora's website - www.loradevore.com -  in support of mental health. - Sandra

Finally, I really want to feature and am honored to have photographed Harvard Business School Professor, former Medtronic CEO, and Best-selling author, Bill George, for his new book with Millennial Tech Entrepreneur Zach Clayton - "True North, Emerging Leader Edition". We need authentic, powerful leaders now more than ever. Thank you Bill!

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A Clarion Call to Emerging Leaders: Step Up and Lead Now. In True North: Emerging Leaders Edition, renowned leadership expert Bill George and Millennial tech entrepreneur Zach Clayton issue the challenge to emerging leaders--from Gen X to Millennials and Gen Z--to lead their organizations authentically through never-ending crises to make this world a better place for everyone.

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